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For Peace. Against War. Who is not? – A Compilation for the People of Ukraine

Cover designed by Noah G. Hirka

Two weeks ago, and speechless about the war in Ukraine, on March 2nd, my friends Elizabeth Virosa and Robert Galbraith (of the band Snowbeasts and Component Recordings) and I got together to put out a compilation to raise money for charities in Ukraine.

On March 15 2022 it was released.

With tracks by Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk) feat. MAPS , Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Mia Zabelka, Joasihno (aka Cico Beck of The Notwist, Schneider TM, die ANGEL (Schneider TM with Ilpo Väisänen of Pan Sonic, feat. Zappi Diermaier of FAUST), Dead Voices on Air, Peter Kirn (CDM), Buchla Guru Todd Barton, Dr Walker (of Air Liquid), Joan Hacker, Philippe Petit, Korhan Erel, Nick Didkovsky (Dr. Nerve/Alice Cooper), Lasse-Marc Riek (Gruenrekorder), a piece by  DUNKELWELLEN (my band with Conni Trieder), pieces from members of The Dorf (Meat.Karaoke.Quality.Time., Rrill Bell (Jim Campbell), Achim Zepezauer and Florian Hartlieb), my long time collaborator Anja Kreysing (Resonator) and my friend Oliver Froning (aka Dune)  and many many many many many many more (199 from over 27 countries altogether to be exact).

You can buy the compilation at the link below and support the cause of Vostok SOS and Red Cross Ukraine. It’s intentionally priced for everyone at $12, but feel free to donate more. 100% goes to the charities!