Audio aus Wien mit Mia Zabelka

On March 20th I performed in Vienna with Mia Zabelka at Alte Schmiede and we recorded the show, I edited it down into a representative 10 minute excerpt and here it is. It looks like a video, but it’s actually only a youtube link with one image and the full quality soundtrack.

The performers are:

Mia Zabelka (violin/electronics)
Kai Niggemann (Buchla 200e) (that’s me)

please enjoy and don’t hesitate to send feedback.

Edit: thank you for the feedback. We got some beautiful reactions, such as this one from Brian Murphy from Texas:

“I think this is fantastic. I don’t normally find experimental type Buchla work engaging, but this is a real standout for me.

The violin performance is gripping. And I think you’ve done a great job accompanying the violin. I don’t know the technical considerations in accompaniment, but it sounds like you do. And, it sounds like you’ve done a great job adapting those considerations to the use of the Buchla as the accompanying instrument.

I like the rhythmic pulse around 1:00. One suggestion would be keeping that kind of subtle rhythmic pulse going, dialing it up and down with what the violin is doing. I think some kind of rhythmic thread would add additional continuity to it.

But, I don’t think it lacks continuity. There’s a cohesion between the Buchla and the violin that I don’t usually hear in these kinds of experiments, and which I suspect is the product of considerable labor and training. So, bravo to you.”