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HEART MURMUR digital is out now!

NOW it’s out on bandcamp and iTunes.
My album Heart Murmur is now available:
Buy to download it from kainiggemann.bandcamp.com or from iTunes!
All other digital stores are following suit in the next few days, please keep checking them if you prefer to get it elsewhere.
If you buy it from bandcamp you’ll get a supercool papercraft Buchla 200e PDF (which is enclosed as a paper card in the 10″ vinyl version that also includes the download. Soo many options to treat yourself!)
KKS10-001 (Kalakuta Soul Records/WAF80music. Internat. distr. by Word and Sound)

Fotos aus dem Radio 674.fm

Am Mittwoch, 31.01.18 spielte ich ein Radiokonzert beim Kölner Webradio 674.fm in der Sendung Klang & Raum von Karl-Heinz Müller und Markus Wilverscheidt.

Hier ein paar Bilder von dem Gig. Danke an Sven-Eric Ruprecht und Monita für die Fotos.