Berlin: Basic Electricity #26: Max Loderbauer & Kai Niggemann

We’re very happy to welcome Max Loderbauer back to Basic Electricity for an improvisation on a Buchla modular system. Max Loderbauer currently plays his 200e live in the electro-acoustic trio Ambiq and with his long-time collaborators Moritz von Oswald and Ricardo Villalobos.

Kai Niggemann (Paradeiser Productions) creates ‘poetically abstract’ music, also with the help of a Buchla 200e. At his Basic Electricity debut, Kai Niggemann presents his recently released recording, Heart Murmur, using the Buchla’s ‘Source of Uncertainty’ as a partner for improvisation.

Two musicians improvising on two Buchlas in a fantastic sounding room – there’s much to look forward to on Friday, March 2nd when Max Loderbauer and Kai Niggemann play Basic Electricity #26 at König Otto in Neukölln – we hope to see you there!


BE#26, Friday, 2.3.18 @ König Otto
Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin Neukölln
U7 Rathaus Neukölln or U8 Boddinstr.

Facebook Event is here.


Tickets 10€. Doors at 20:00, music starts 21:00
Seating is limited to 50, so please come on time.
The bar will be open for drinks and sandwiches.

vitalweekly on HEART MURMUR:

Frans de Waard reviewed HEART MURMUR for vitalweekly #1113, writing:

KAI NIGGEMANN – HEART MURMUR (10” by Kalakuta Soul Records)

This is first time that German synth player Kai Niggemann has a release with his solo music. Before I heard him on a bunch of compilations (Vital Weekly 1003 and 1056) and a split cassette with Nils Quak (Vital Weekly 1062). Niggemann has one instrument, the Buchla 200e Electric Music Box, and  records all his music live without overdubs. I am told this is one of the ‘rarest and most sought after  electronic music instruments’. Besides playing solo synth music, Niggemann is also a member of The Dorf (a 30-piece kraut-noise-jazz group), the duo The Last books (with Achim Zepezauer) and with Mia Zabelka he records as Redshift Orchestra, besides a bunch more projects.

On his solo release he has seven pieces, which more or less flow right into each other. Like with the split cassette I heard from him, Niggemann’s music is not really confined into one place or space. His music is not just about playing Tangerine Dream again (actually far from it), noisy, techno or academic, yet somehow I would think that it is a bit of all of this. It bounces neatly all over the musical spectrum, perhaps a bit more serious electronic music from before than cosmic triggering, but it never reaches for something that is too serious. I can imagine a more adventurous DJ, and I am sure they exist and still spin records, would know how to deal with this inside a set of weird electronic music. The record comes in a nice silkscreened cover and a cardboard Buchla synth, which you can cut ’n paste yourself. That tops off a wonderful project filled with that well-known German sense of
absurdness. (FdW)

Buy Heart Murmur digital now on (see player to the right), iTunes and everywhere else soon. 10″ Vinyl available through bandcamp and internationally distributed by Word And Sound (Kalakuta Soul Records/WAF80music, KKS10-001)

HEART MURMUR digital is out now!

NOW it’s out on bandcamp and iTunes.
My album Heart Murmur is now available:
Buy to download it from or from iTunes!
All other digital stores are following suit in the next few days, please keep checking them if you prefer to get it elsewhere.
If you buy it from bandcamp you’ll get a supercool papercraft Buchla 200e PDF (which is enclosed as a paper card in the 10″ vinyl version that also includes the download. Soo many options to treat yourself!)
KKS10-001 (Kalakuta Soul Records/WAF80music. Internat. distr. by Word and Sound)

Fotos aus dem Radio

Am Mittwoch, 31.01.18 spielte ich ein Radiokonzert beim Kölner Webradio in der Sendung Klang & Raum von Karl-Heinz Müller und Markus Wilverscheidt.

Hier ein paar Bilder von dem Gig. Danke an Sven-Eric Ruprecht und Monita für die Fotos.

THE PRETTY BLAZE – Official video

Es ist fertig und veröffentlicht: Das offizielle Musikvideo für das Stück THE PRETTY BLAZE von meinem Album HEART MURMUR.

Kaufe HEART MURMUR jetzt als Download bei iTunes oder als Download und/oder Vinyl bei Bandcamp (Download ist im Vinylpreis enthalten!)


Written by
Kai Niggemann
Buchla 200e Electric Music Box
Taken from album HEART MURMUR
released 2018 by Kalakuta Soul Records & WAF80music

10″ vinyl & digital
available on


Julia Gerhards
Caroline Scherff
Adele Friesen
Marcel Braun
Katharina Hollberg
Luka Sibbing
Stephanie Welp
Maria Meinert
Laura Offermann
Valentina Radile
Benedikt Pienkoß
Anton Leibham
Miriam Kersting

Entstanden im Seminar “HinterGrund” an der MSA | Münster School of Architecture

Konzept/Leitung : Ruth Schultz
Videobearbeitung: Jens Krause



Heart Murmur Release gigs (& Bonus)

Kaufe HEART MURMUR jetzt als Download bei iTunes oder als Download und/oder Vinyl bei Bandcamp (Download ist im Vinylpreis enthalten!)

für das Album “Heart Murmur”, das über Kalakuta Soul Records und Waf80music erscheint und von wordandsound (Hamburg) international vertrieben wird, spiele ich einige Release Konzerte in der nächsten Zeit, um das Album bekannter zu machen und euch ans Herz zu legen. Hinzu kommen noch einige weitere Veranstaltungen die verwandt sind:

  • 13.01.18 – Heart Murmur live @ Cologne (privater Event, aber Mail->Gästeliste,  Livestream hier)
  • 27.01.18 – The Last Books & Achim Zepezauer & Heart Murmur @ WP8 in Düsseldorf
  • 31.01.18 – Heart Murmur live @, Köln livestream (und kleine Gästeliste, bitte mail!)
  • 01.02.18 – Heart Murmur live @ Rundgang, Kunstakademie Münster (sometime bet. 16-21:00Uhr)
  • 07.02.18 – Heart Murmur Tea Time @ Paradeiser Studio Köln – with sweetener by
  • 11.02.18 – Elektronische Bastelstunde – Synthesizer-Lötworkshop mit Stan Pete und Kai Niggemann im atelier automatique, Bochum (15 EUR Unkostenbeitrag)
  • 21.02.18 – Heart Murmur live @ atelier automatique, Bochum
  • 02.03.18 – Heart Murmur live @ Basic Electricity, Berlin

Weitere Konzerte mit The Dorf:

  • 21.01.18 – Stadtgarten Köln (feat CCJO) (Achtung: Beginn schon um 18:00!)
  • 25.01.18 – Domicil Dortmund
  • 22.02.18 – Domicil Dortmund

Bitte kontaktier mich für Fragen zu Terminen Gästeliste, Anfangszeiten (die zum Großteil rechts in den Terminen stehen).

10″ Vinyl Release: “Heart Murmur” (Pre-order now!)

Jetzt Vorbestellen auf Bandcamp

Pre-Order Now on Bandcamp

In Januar 2018 erscheint in einer Kooperation zwischen WAF80music (meinem Label) und dem Bochumer Label “Kalakuta Soul Records” mein neues Album, als 10″ Vinyl, mit wunderbarem Cover-Design (von superdefault) in einem Gesamtpaket mit Sticker, Download, Special-Cover, “build your own Buchla”-Karte etc..

Hier kannst du Reinhören (45 s  Schnippsel auf Soundcloud), oben und in der Seitenleiste gibt es den Link zu Bandcamp zum Vorsbestellen von Album und Download.


…oder im Plattenladen:

Dank dem Hamburger Vertrieb Wordandsound wird es weltweit vertrieben (physical). You will be able to order it/find it from anywhere in the world.

Es ist live eingespielt und aufgenommen in Berlin (Spektrum Neukölln) von Richard Scott (Sound Anatomy) mit meiner Buchla 200e Electric Music Box.

Vorverkauf (Presale) ab Dezember, in den Läden steht die Platte dann ab Januar 2018…