Split Tape(!) Release mit Nils Quak auf Ana Ott (VÖ: 17.12.16)

Announcing AO009 – out december 17

Available on cassette and digital at www.anaott.bandcamp.com.

The modular synthesizer offers an inexhaustible variety of possible interconnections. Amongst gate and trigger, inbetween 0 and 5 volt, Kai Niggemann and Nils Quak did experiment with their instruments in may 2016 at Makroscope. This recording is a documentation of their individual approach to the modular sound. Kai played his Buchla 200e Electric Music Box, while Nils utilized a Eurorack Modular System, a Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter as well as Native Instruments Reaktor.
Kai Niggemann performed first, followed by Nils Quak’s concert.

The artwork of the tape incorporates copy art by Gabriele Klages that arose from the Makroscope. The Makroscope in Mülheim an der Ruhr is a multidisciplinary hub for art and technology, as well as Ana Ott’s yearslong main venue for leftfield music.